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Learn Guernesiais

This weekend you will have the opportunity to learn some phrases in the Channel Island’s own ancient languages of Guernésiais & Jerriais. There will be activities and workshops throughout the weekend on the festival site. You will even have the chance to learn a song in Guernésiais written especially for Sark Folk Festival.


Learn a few phrases of Guernsey’s own language with Jan Marquis.

Jerriais & Bachin ringing

We are being joined by Geraint Jennings from Jersey who will be holding sessions in Jèrriais (Jersey language) and bachîn ringing.

English Guernésiais Pronunciation
Sark Folk Festival Lé Festival Sertchais dé Folk lé festival serrchei dé folk
Hello! Ouâroh! warro!
Good morning/afternoon! Baon‑n‑jour! baonjourr!
Good evening! Baon‑n‑souaer! baonswaerr!
How are you? Coume tchi qu’l’affaire va? cawm chi‑k l’aferr va?
Very well thank you. Enn amas bian merci. enn amaa biaw merrsi.
Are you good my (old) friend? Es‑tu fiaer mon viaer? ei‑tu fiaerr maw viaerr?
Would you like a drink? Voul‑ous à bere? voul‑ou a berr?
I’ll have a… J’érai énne feis d… j’erré enne fei‑d…
—–beer/cider/wine/water… —–’bire/cidre/vin/iao… —–birr/sidr/vaei/yao…
I’m going to the tent. J’m’en vais pour la tente. j’maw vei pourr la tawt.
Have you seen the toilets? Av‑ou vaeu les p’tites maisaons? av‑ou vaei lei‑p‑titt meizaon?
What do you think of the music? Tchi qu’tu creis d’la musique? chi‑k tu cré dla muzik?
I love the music, me! J’oime la musique, mé! j’oim la muzik, mé!
It’s lovely today ?! I fait hardi bael ogniet! i fé harrdi bael awn‑yé!
It’s not nice today! I n’ fait pas bael ogniet! i‑n fé paa bael awn‑yé!
Where is…? Éiou qu’est…? eiyou‑k ei…?
My goodness! Eh bian ma fé! eh biaw mah fé!
See you soon! À bétao! ah bétow ?!
Good‑bye/‘til the next time. À la perchoine a la pairshoyn